Life as a Revolutionary French Peasant: Choose your own Adventure.

The village near your farm is grumbling with discontent. They are tired of being taxed and having to struggle to find food and feed their families.

They begin learning about ideas of democracy and what was fought for in America. When someone brave speaks up about their living conditions, they are arrested for speaking against the king.

The king and nobles are doing great. You see them in the city when you visit, and they are just as rich as ever. It’s just people like you, the third estate, are the only people suffering. But the king is able to vacation at his second palace in Versailles.

The King shuts down the Estates General, but members of the 2nd and 3rd estate meet anyways in a Tennis court.

The Tennis court oath creates the national assembly and bypasses the king’s efforts. The year is 1789. The grumblings have turned to rage and talks of revolution.

Many in the 3rd Estate think the King is purposely starving them to quiet them down. This further enrages the 3rd estate. There are bread riots and more people are locked up in the Bastille. The Bastille becomes a target and people march to protest.